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The SRP Difference

SRP provides actionable research design, state-of-the-art analysis, and consultation that is customized to the business category and needs of clients. We pride ourselves on our competitive rates. 

SRP distinguishes itself from other firms by:

  • Providing continuous consultation to senior customers. SRP becomes part of the client team, joining internal meetings to provide direction for strategic and tactical decision-making. 

  • Emphasizing timeliness. SRP can conduct research overnight and provide answers the next morning. SRP excels in providing responsiveness throughout the process, resulting in timely information. 

  • Applying the most advanced research design and multivariate analysis to fit study objectives.

  • Offering qualitative expertise with target audiences ranging from homemakers to mature consumers to high tech B2B decision makers.

  • Being expert in a range of qualitative research methodologies from teleconference sessions to webcasts.

  • Having global research capabilities.

  • Creating analytical reports that provide actionable implications for moving clients’ businesses forward. SRP puts together the data puzzle pieces so that a client has a solution, not just a set of reports.

  • Specializing in sophisticated research design that addresses difficult problems.

  • Utilizing multivariate techniques such as Choice Modeling and Max-Diff analysis to assist clients in making strategic and tactical decisions.

  • Offering comprehensive online and offline contact center capabilities. On-line, telephone and IDI capabilities are available with the flexibility to accommodate ad hoc requests. Focusing on a value orientation that maximizes clients’ research investment and in creating research that serves multiple purposes.

  • Providing capabilities in specialized markets such as Spanish Dominant Hispanics, Mature market, non-telephone segments, and more.

  • Creating and nurturing partner relationships. SRP works collaboratively with clients to help implement solutions and strategy based on research findings.


"Terry and Gene are exceptionally good at what they do. They quickly understand the business issue at hand, challenge your hypotheses, and develop some of their own. They then identify the best research solution at a reasonable cost, execute quickly and diligently, and deliver a strong polished insightful report. I highly recommend SRP for anyone looking for a strong partner that will deliver the insights needed to help you grow your business."
Sharon Deutsch
Director of Consumer Insights
Career Education, Inc.



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